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The prospect of losing our home to foreclosure is very stressful.  Foreclosure often leads  homeowners to feel helpless and alone.  Furthermore, once the foreclosure process begins, homeowners often mistakenly believe that they can lose their home to the mortgage company without any notice and without any realistic chance to defend themselves in a foreclosure lawsuit.  For nearly two decades, the Law Office of Jermaine Harris has helped citizens of the Greater Philadelphia area fight mortgage companies and foreclosure lawsuits. We understand that your residence is more than just a home, but a place where your family’s lives are built.  You can be sure that if you are faced with foreclosure, the Law Office of Jermaine Harris will aggressively protect your interests, and determine what is the best option for you.  Please call the Law Offices of Jermaine Harris at (215) 385-1091 for a free phone consultation or email us at