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Let face it, the decision to divorce your spouse is a life changing event that is often filled with emotional and financial consequences.  With the Law Office of Jermaine Harris, you can feel confident that our office will protect your interests during the divorce while keeping you informed every step of way - all at a reasonable cost.  We have extensive experience in the Philadelphia area in doing all areas of divorce including uncontested and contested divorces. 


We also concentrate in all areas of equitable distribution (division of marital assets during the divorce) including:


High Asset Cases

Low Asset Cases

Real Estate


Stock Options

High Asset Cases

Family Owned Business


For the financially superior spouse, we understand that you have worked very hard to accumulate your assets and will fight vigorously to protect your wealth during the divorce process.  For the financially dependent spouse, we will fight hard to get you everything you are entitled to under the Pennsylvania Divorce Code.  We fully understand the complexities of equitable distribution and will get you the results that you demand and deserve in your divorce, please call the Law Offices of Jermaine Harris at (215) 385-1091 for a free phone consultation or email us at